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07/07/2011 10:00AM Australia/Sydney

Filmetrics Announces Public Online Refractive Index Database and Free Measurement Service

Filmetrics has announced the web’s most complete public database of refractive index values for use in thin film thickness measurements, as well as a free refractive index measurement service. Without accurate refractive index values for each material being measured, optical-based thickness measurements are inaccurate or even impossible.

The new database and measurement service are finding use across a broad range of applications, including many in the semiconductor, solar, display, and biomedical industries. Filmetrics President Dr. Scott Chalmers stated, “The first full week our database was online it averaged over 200 visitors a day. This demonstrates the large number of people requiring this information to perform their job.”

Filmetrics instruments determine film thickness by illuminating the film with white light and measuring the spectrum reflected off of the film. The wavelength ranges are available between 200-1700 nm. Once the spectrum is collected, the Filmetrics software analyzes it to determine thickness, optical constants, and other user-selectable parameters.

Website: http://www.filmetrics.com/refractive-index-database

About Filmetrics

With years of experience in the film thickness measurement field and with offices worldwide, Filmetrics provides a simple-to-use instruments and unparalleled support. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Filmetrics has a full line of film thickness measurement systems and is continually developing new products and technologies that bring greater efficiency to thin-film metrology. Filmetrics was founded in 1995 and quickly established itself as the leader in the tabletop thin-film measurement industry.


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