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30/04/2014 10:10AM Australia/Sydney

eMallFashion Launches Free Online Marketplace for Retailers

eMallFashion.com today announced the exciting launch of its new e-commerce website, a totally free marketplace for retailers.

“All small and medium businesses across Australia and New Zealand can get Free Lifetime Membership with unlimited listings and no commission fees,” said eMallFashion’s founder, Jason Teh.

Jason founded eMallFashion as his loving response to his partner's love and passion for clothes and fashion. Jason says eMallFashion was founded by love so it’s no surprise that love motivates the company!

“We care about what we are doing; it’s not just a job,” he says. “We don't take ‘no’ or ‘that will never work’ for an answer because, if we had, eMallFashion would never have started in the first place.”

Many small- and medium-sized businesses are daunted by the challenge of setting up an online shop. But eMallFashion’s totally free online marketplace changes all that for savvy retailers!

"Maintaining an online shop can be costly for small and medium businesses,” Jason says. “So we’ve cut all the fees at eMallFashion.”

“The management of eMallFashion have been incredibly supportive and encouraging, and their love of artists, artisans and handcrafted arts and crafts comes through in everything they do,” said JeniandPat’s Beadhive. “Management actively promotes a sample of the items listed on the site through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. This opens up our items to the wider world and makes it so much more likely that each item will find a new home.”

Yogi from New Zealand company, Travelling Wheels, was thrilled, too.

“The service exceeded all our expectations with a prompt reply and a detailed, step-by-step explanation on the setup. The level of insight and experience with all aspects of growing a business was really mind-blowing. The design system was very easy to use. Working with this team has been a fantastic experience.”

Asked what's exciting for consumers about eMallFashion, Jason Teh says it replicates The Rocks and Bondi markets experience.

“You get one-of-a-kind items you won't find at big retailers and, most importantly, when you shop at eMallFashion you support small and medium businesses.”


Jason Teh, +61 415 235 226

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